You’ve been Tan’d !

“Ki mama tan hoye galo toh? ” ( hey dude, it went over your head right?!).

I have heard this question a million times in a zillion contexts, in my 22 year old life already. It is a part-rhetorical phrase or question that decorates a situation, of which the immediate participants have no friggin clue about. Much like the expression, or the lack of it, on Harman Baweja’s face when asked to act. Or better still, the look on George Bush’s moronic face when asked about….well anything. Or when you ask Miss Sarah I-can-see-Russia-from-my-house Palin about foreign policy. You get the idea.

This blog shall attempt to deal with all those unique ‘tan moments’ or issues that no one else seems to give a fuck about. But should. At least I think so. However, it shall keep safe distance from boring digressions, especially of the I-want-to-change-the-world kind.

The nature of the posts may be, and I hope they are, unpredictable. But hey, unpredictability is sexy. The qualitative depth of the posts may not match that of Mandira Bedi’s necklines but we believe in being ambitious. We shall get there someday…

dekhle hobe...khorcha aache

I tried hard to think of an interesting disclaimer. But its not my fault they are boring.

Stay tuned for the next post: an expose of a cricketer-turned-politician caught doing an item-number in a porn movie. You would like that story, wouldn’t you?


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