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pikchaar abhi baki hai mere dostt.

Remember the Thetans? Yeah, those guys with highly contagious amounts of perversion in their systems which was reflected pretty blatantly in their otherwise lame writing style? Yeah the Firgins. Well, the good news is that they are not dead. The bad news is, they are alive and on the loose still.

So why such a long break? I spoke to one of them telephonically and asked questions on Life, Love and Premature ejaculation (yes, if you look at this post and see the comment made by a sincere & honest asshole called Punith you will realize why). Here are some excerpts from the interview with Teritanki. The other Thetan has promised that he will answer my questions as soon as he breaks his firginity. Here’s wishing him ….luck 😉 ?  :

Bleh : What did you do all this time, while you were not polluting cyberspace?

Teritanki : I was rubbing my derriere vigorously on lamp posts outside MNCs. After a wait, which seemed as eternal as the time it takes John Abraham to give an expression on-screen, I got a job, some money and no life. But all the while I was palpably waiting for the day when I would be able to write again pissfully. I read other bloggers and fellow frustrates. That had an adverse effect on my psyche as their talents seemed like Afro-American dicks infront of yours truly.

Bleh : Pakistan accepted the Indian flood-aid donation after an “expected” poke from US…. what’s your take on that?

Teritanki : Pak-US rishta is today, what Amar Singh-Amitabh Bachchan bandhan was yesterday. Only in the former case, there is a clear distinction between the Big Daddy and the Naughty Bitch. And we know exactly who can do the spanking.

Bleh : How about the misreportage on GDP growth figures for India? Any comments ?

Teritanki : Look we are all human. Even non-celebrities like Shilpa i-can-be-important-too Shitty  thinks that since she has grown in age, height and other aspects over time, her non-existent bubble-wrap-sized boobs have increased too and hence her ‘demand’ is still strong. But that’s a wrong assumption. I mean the forecast for our GDP, of course.

Bleh : The Pak spot fixing issue has tarnished cricket, what are your views on that one?

Teritanki : I’m shocked and appalled that they’re actually still playing only cricket when Sania Mirza is in Pakistan. I overestimated them and their hormones.

Bleh : Did you keep track of the Tharoor wedding??

Teritanki : Fuck yeah ! I heard between them they have 5 or 6 marriages and 3 kids already? No wonder they were scheming for an IPL team ! Any way with such vast marital experience for the two , if this marriage doesn’t work then they better find Dr. Kama Sutrawala of the National Gupt Rog Division ( NGRD ).

Bleh : Uh…well.. you must have kept track of the CWG thingy… ?

Teritanki : The Commonwealth games controversy is similar to a Beijing masseuse. It’s sucking the CWG committee really hard & dry pretty fast; and they can’t ‘come’ clean because it’s too early for that. If they ‘come’ out in the open early they will be fucked. So they are holding their corrupt ejaculate in for the moment.

Bleh : Many officials had said the CWG would better the Beijing Olympics….

Teritanki : This is called premature ejaculation. They can’t satisfy any international parameter anyway with a system like ours. I understand and acknowledge the System’s impotence in cases of national prestige. But they went a step ahead from being impotent to dickless dumbos with such claims of beating Beijing and shit. They could have restrained themselves and their lame ass comments. But they had to do their pseudo-nationalistic We-will-be-better-than-you shit before the CWG could even reach a satiating orgasm. Kalmadi can even try Invigo as suggested by a satisfied user ( pun unintended….yes, we don’t intend to everytime ) And if all else fails, Kalmadi can imagine that he’s fucking Antara Mali. That should slow him down.

Bleh : Why is your blog so coarse, vulgar and cheap? Don’t you wish to reach out to a more niche sophisticated and intellectual audience?

Teritanki : Please use the phrase “extremely non-conformist”. Sounds better that way. And to the second question, No.

pic courtesy: bhopale.blogspot.com


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The Compulsive Coupling Syndrome

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the dissemination of the latest new epidemic to have spread in our little god forsaken part of the world. It is what I choose to call the “compulsive coupling syndrome”.

I will explain the phenomenon with a story.

Subject-A is your average Indian schoolboy. Brought up on the traditional diet of heavy textbooks , music lessons and cricket coaching classes , he had rarely had time to catch his breath, leave alone discover puberty. It’s when he reached the ripe age of 17 that he suddenly came across the song, “main sola baras ki , tu sathra baras ka”  (Translation: “I am 16 , you are 17” .Yes, we keep it simple) and discovered his true calling in life , falling in love. With about a year of school left, Subject-A  with his new found pubic hair set out on the search for his Sweet 16.

Subject-B is your above average Indian schoolgirl. In stark contrast to Subject-A , Subject-B had been fed on  fantastic DDLJ-esque love stories since she was 12. By the time she was 16 and had developed lemon-sized bosoms, she was ready to take the leap of fate and run into the woods to play hide and seek with her prince charming. As destiny would have it , Subject-A and Subject-B met and in course of time , our man mustered up the courage to say those  golden words, “ Do you want to fall in love with me ?”. Now Subject-A was the dorky Bengali kind with a moustache and beard (he discovered puberty late, but boy the testosterone! ) and Subject-B was , as I said, above average and with boobs now almost the size of snooker balls. But she didn’t want her Facebook profile to read “single” when she entered college and so ,clipping her nostrils so as to not to have to smell his stinky beard again , she hugged and said ‘yes’ . The Compulsive Coupling Syndrome (CCS) had snared its first victim.

Subject-A and Subject-B soon proceeded to the customary rituals to solemnise their “falling in love”. Both of them updated their relationship status’ on Facebook and also changed their display pic to identical ones, showing the two sipping strawberry juice from the same glass. They also “Like”d every “Item” on each other’s “Wall”s so as to leave nothing to the imagination.

Now, more characters. Subject-C is the typical college student who doesn’t give shit about college because , as his Facebook profile says , he “love doing masti” .He is also Subject-A’s best buddy and used to play with his beard before he shaved it on Subect-B’s orders. Subject-D is , as you might guess, is Subject-B’s soul sister and classmate at college. She is secretly jealous of Subject-B because her breasts have now grown to the size of oranges as a result of Subject-A’s fondling.

As you might be aware , people who “fall in love” are bound, by Social networking laws, to go visit a shopping mall with common friends and click pictures to post on Facebook. They are also, perforce dictums, required to comment on how their partner’s nose looks bigger in every alternate picture before commencing the thread ending “I love you baby” , “I love you too”, “Muah”, “Muah muah muah” sequence. So Subject-A and Subject-B, both responsible Social networkers, tagged C and D along, on these visits and clicked scores of snaps. The typical positioning of the 4 in any picture is diagrammatically represented below.

As is evident , while the pictures, splattered across the site were precious to Subjects A and B, it became a source of abject embarrassment for C and D who were often alluded to as the “haddis in the kebab” .Under such circumstances , Subject C, who had secretly day dreamt of humping D, popped the all-important question “Do you want to fall in love with me ?” .For Subject-D, the lure of the jorai jorai (pair pair) pictures on Facebook was enough to surmount C’s rotten egg breath. CCS is a bitch !

A,B,C and D were now a couple of twosomes. Of course , the vicious CCS cycle doesn’t end there. As described previously, Subject-B with her “above average”ness and now melon-like boobs was always beyond A’s league. B realised this in about 4 months time. They could have quietly parted ways ,but no. Subject-A spilled his over-sensitivity on Facebook with pictures of an unshaven self and status messages like “It’s better to have loved and lost , than never to have loved at all”.

And now, more characters. Subject-E is a 23 year-old obese video-game addict of Bangalore and Subject-F is the  27 year-old even fatter shopaholic who lives on the apartment above his. By a strange twist of fortune , they both happened to chance upon A’s heart-wrenching ejaculations on Facebook. On seeing them , E experiences a moment of inner awakening and abandons his “Call of Duty” to answer his call to “fall in love”. Post “Do you want to fall in love with me?” and “Yes”, earth-shattering (literally) sex ensues. CCS claims more victims.

And so it continues. The above is an example of one of the possible courses, the spread of the CCS can take. Others run on the lines of self-pity, dwindling bank balance and a general desire to have sex.

The Compulsive Coupling Syndrome can basically be described as a pathological state wherein two human beings, under the influence of certain external circumstances, succumb to the illusion of having “fallen in love”. In most other parts of the world , such associations would safely be called one-night stands ,hook-ups or open relationships and not be extended beyond a few mating sessions. But we in India don’t believe in half measures. We in India believe in sticking to our deep-rooted principles of love and running around trees.  As the venerable Yash Chopra once said , Indians don’t just “cum” , we “Come and Fall in Love!”.


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